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Acord: The World's Greatest Super-Hero Games

Designer of many Game-Maker games and Wolf3D hacks published under the Acord Games label. Huge comic book fan. Also fond of scantily clad ladies.

Most his games seem to use a common pool of resources, and several involve a Pac-Man tribute of some sort.

Acord's first Game-Maker game appears to have been Icemare, which is based heavily on Penguin Pete. After that come his core games -- the Zapman/Zapper series, Capn Zapn, Major Marvel, Jaxon Zoose, and Street Wolf. We can probably consider Dogs, The Head, and Spacecraft spin-offs of those games, that recycle recurring enemies or elements as protagonists. Then we have the Pac-Man clones, that seem to have spun off of The Fantastic Zapman. And finally we have the megamixes -- Anyworld, Superheroes, and Ultimare -- which fold all of the previous games together into a mush of a muchness. As it were.

If one is to make sense of the catalog, it's probably best to internalize those four categories of games -- superhero character pieces; spin-off and one-off games; Pac-Man clones; and crossovers -- then address the games chronologically (as patched together below).

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This is a rough estimate, based on file dates, apparent proficiency, and the internal web of reference amongst games:

  • Icemare (1992)
  • Capn Zapn (1992) [character conceived before Icemare; seems to be first original project after Icemare tests the (Antarctic) waters.]
  • Major Marvel (1992) [stated as revision of Capn Zapn]
  • Zapper: Holy Neverwhere! (1992) [Clearly early draft of a Zapper game]
  • Zapper: Escape from Neverwhere (1992) [clearly one of Acord's early characters]
  • Jaxon Zoose (1992-93) [later character than above, yet in same mold; file dates seem to place as later development]
  • Street Wolf (1992-93) [first of an intermediary mess-around era, all sharing the same maps and structure]
    • Dogs (1992-93) [uses map with Street Wolf branding]
    • The Head (1992-93) [basically same maps as Dogs but edited to remove Street Wolf branding]
    • Spacecraft (1993) [unrelated one-off game, developed after the other one-offs yet referenced in Superheroes; seems to be early version of Pac-Man structure seen in later games]
  • The Fantastic Zapman (1993) [clearly made later than most above games, yet Zapman is referenced in later crossovers and structure forms basis for those games, starting with Ultimare]
  • Ultimare (1993) [first of crossover games; includes structure of Zapman but none of the Zapak series]
  • Superheroes (1993) [second crossover game; references Spacecraft]
    • Zapak (1993) [includes non-playable avatars of all previous superheroes, including Street Wolf; reuses and adds to levels from Ultimare; referenced in Anyworld but not in Superheroes]
  • Anyworld (1993) [includes Zapak character but no clear reference to Pakdream]
    • Pakdream (1993) [cleanest development outside Pakmon; no clear reference in Anyworld]
    • Pakmon (2010)

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