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Sunflowers in Shanna

Angelo B. Felix. It's unclear if he created more than the one game, which could be downloaded from the Frontline BBS. Felix himself seems to have run a BBS in Puerto Rico.

Oh darn! I forgot about that game. Yes I did, it was a lot of fun making, I named it after my daughter Shanna.

I need to try and find those games, I'm sure I have them stored somewhere.

— Angelo Felix, conversation, Facebook, October 2010

I should have kept the Game Maker box - still possible it may be laying around in storage somewhere. I think the Game Maker kit came with a set of default sprites and graphics; the idea to Game-Maker was to get the end user quickly up and running with your own games. Later, if you decided, you could take more time and make your own graphics.

Probably, a lot of the graphics and sprites you see in Shanna were taken from the kit that Game Maker came in. I also might have altered them (which was allowed), I think the most original was the character sprite, I remember spending a lot of time on that one (I think the graphics were original too).

I actually played Shanna for a while today and as remembering some of what I did to make it (after over 10 years!). Some of the routines you see were hackish as I was told by the makers of the box, it couldn't be done yet. For example the 'upward floating score on kill' was not conventional, took me a long time to figure out a way to get it to work.

— Angelo Felix, conversation,, December 2011

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Angelo B. Felix
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