Paper Airplane

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Paper Airplane

Release type: Shareware
Release date: November 14, 1993
Levels: 7 (in demo version)
Author: Matt Bell
Website: A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking
Registration bonus: 7 more levels
Registration price: $14
Related games: Rocket

Paper Airplane may be the most widely-distributed Game-Maker game, and also one of the most innovative.

Guide an airplane through perilous obstacle courses, in various industrial settings — warehouses, power stations, ventilation shafts. Initially it takes only a touch to wreck your plane, and there is some clever action puzzle solving to be had. Much of the action involves air drafts — a practical use of Game-Maker’s directional gravity variables.

On the backend, Game-Maker users will also notice how carefully the monster and background tiles are organized by level, so as to allow plenty of space in each tile set. More ambitious designs are often hampered by Game-Maker’s strict limits on tile counts; between the clean designs and fresh tile sets for each scene, Paper Airplane demonstrates how to work with the limitations rather than just struggling against them.

Many of the resources are borrowed from Matt Bell's earlier game, Rocket; Paper Airplane is also the registration bonus for that game. Considering the thematic parallels (objects in continuous flight, with vertical movement as a resource), it's fair to say that the games have a close relationship.


Level 1 of Paper Airplane

After several unsuccessful inventions, you finally discover something useful, a miniaturized radio control and remote TV camera system.

You had just completed your patent application papers for it when you received an anonymous call that informed you that a company called Xemtx had stolen your idea and was applying for a patent on it too. If Xemtx gets the patent to the patent office first, they'll get your idea patented under their name and will get all the money from it.


Xemtx is located only 20 miles from the patent office, while you live over 900 miles from it. Floods have knocked out many nearby bridges, so getting to the patent office in your car would be impossible. There are no airports in or near the puny town that you live in. Your fax machine is broken. The mail would be too slow. In desperation, you make your patent application papers into a paper airplane and attach your radio control and remote TV camera system to it. After attaching a motor, propeller, and control surfaces, you're ready to fly.


Level 2 seems to reference Bell's earlier Rocket.

The YAHs give you extra hit points. Hit points are your health. When they reach 0, you lose a life.

The rocket engines give you extra power (level 4-6 only).

The bomb gives you 5 more bombs (levels 1-6 only).

The plus signs give you extra lives.

There are also some other things that you can pick up.


Paper Airplane was created by Matt Bell, 11/14/93

Tedious programming by Recreational Software Designs


Official distribution:

BBS distribution:

Also available on several shareware compilation CD-ROMs, including:

Archive history

Paper Airplane was introduced to the archive with the distribution of the December 30th 1993 floppy exchange.


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