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Game-Maker Tutor

Release type: Demo game
Release date: August 20, 1993
Levels: 4
Author: G. Andrew Stone
Related games: Animation, Pipemare, Houses, Penguin Pete

Not to be mistaken for RSD's Game-Maker Demo.

Tutor is one of the more overt demo games to come with Game-Maker. If you're just getting into the software, one of the best first steps is probably to give this game a try. It quickly runs through most of the practical logic of Game-Maker's tools and game engine, in particular the operations of background blocks. Characters are scraped from all of RSD's other demo games, lending the game an extra after school special crossover feel.


Tutor is sort of a sequel to, sort of an upgrade of, and either way a replacement for the earlier game Animation. Tutor itself saw several upgrades over its lifetime; at first Pete Pipeman wound his way through a single map, and later the map was broken up into segments starring different protagonists -- as with its companion game, Houses.


TUTOR is not a game. It is a demonstration of some of Game-Maker's features.


Courting disaster in Tutor

Move the character around the scene with the arrow keys. You will be able to observe and experience the following Game-Maker capabilities.

  • Scrolling and scrolling control. TUTOR has scrolling set to permit horizontal scrolling only.
  • Solid blocks stop the character.
  • One way doors. Blocks with one solid side prevent the character from entering the block from one side, but allow it to move through the block from the other sides.
  • Shooting. Press the space key to try it out.
  • Blocks can change upon contact with the character into other blocks.
  • The character can change into another character as you travel from level to level.
The winding path of Tutor
  • Blocks can change after a set time has elapsed. You can use this feature to create background animation by having blocks change into other blocks in rapid succession.
  • Blocks can change on contact and on time. TUTOR shows a case where block "1" changes to "2" and block "3" to "4" and then back to the first blocks based on time. But "1" also changes to "3" and "4" to "1" upon contact with the character. You can set up some tricky stuff with this arrangement.
  • Gravity. It pulls you this way and that.
  • Keys and Doors. You can set up 'special counters' that force you to contact one or more blocks, such as pictures of keys, before another block will change, such as a door changing to an open door.


Created by: Recreational Software Designs



Distributed with Game-Maker, beginning with v2.0 -- replacing the earlier demo game Animation.

In addition, full versions of Game-Maker and its gameware were illegally distributed on several shovelware CD-ROMs in the early-mid 1990s, such as Softkey Entertainment Pack (July 1996)

Archive History[edit]

Tutor was introduced to the archive with the upgrade to Game-Maker 2.0 in August 1993.



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