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Azurelore Korrigan (she/her or they/them/themself)

The administrator to this site and a Game-Maker author dating back to 1992, Korrigan is credited under various personal and organizational names including Aderack, A-J Games, and Don'Pan Software.

Of those labels, the most prolific and likely familiar to Game-Maker users was A-J Games, a name derived from Korrigan's first game, A-J's Quest—itself a spin-off from a comic strip titled Andrew-Jonathan. Under the A-J Games label, Korrigan produced several games under contract for the 1994 CD-ROM release of Game-Maker 3.0.

From the 2010s, Korrigan developed a run of (as-yet largely unfinished) games, largely meant to explore advanced uses of the engine. The intended label for these games, upon completion, is Ghost Purple.

Other labels served to compartmentalize games with less of a personal attachment to Korrigan, Don'Pan focusing on pastiche of other developers' properties or games produced on request from friends and acquaintances, and Janet L. Groth obscuring ventures into lewd satire.

Game chronology

A-J Games Presents
Don'Pan Software
Janet L. Groth Productions

The following is a rough approximation of original release order, based on file metadata, credited dates, and a hazy recollection. To further muddy the water, projects often overlapped, or were put aside then resumed at a later date—and many games were later revised.

Year Title Label Status
1992 A-J's Quest A-J Games
1993 Cireneg's Rings Don'Pan
1993 Link vs. Gannon Don'Pan unfinished
1993 The Return of A-J A-J Games unfinished
1993 Sushi-X Breaks Loose Don'Pan
1993 Linear Volume Don'Pan
1993 Nejillian Flux Don'Pan Software
1993 Explorer Jacko Don'Pan
1993 Dusk Rose Don'Pan unfinished
1993 The Bounerim Don'Pan
1993 Gridline Don'Pan
1993 Dungeon Erghuck Janet L. Groth
1993 Tony & Me Don'Pan
1993 Operation Killbot Don'Pan
1993 Pac A-J Games
1993 Zoom the Super Bear A-J Games
1993 Sign of the Hedgehog A-J Games
1993 Sign of the Hedgehog 2 A-J Games unfinished
1993 Fluffy Ralph A-J Games
1994 Octolris A-J Games
1994 The Adventures of Fred Earwigian A-J Games unfinished
1994 Rōdïp: Rover of the Deep A-J Games unfinished
1994 Glubada Pond A-J Games
1994 Zark A-J Games
1994 Crullo: Adventures of a Donut A-J Games
1994 The Patchwork Heart A-J Games
1994 Peach the Lobster A-J Games update in progress
1994 Clyde & Zeke A-J Games
1994 Jario! Don'Pan unfinished
1995 Friction A-J Games
1995 A-J 3 A-J Games
1995 Ninja Tuck A-J Games
1995 Ninja Tuck II: Booka A-J Games
1995 Ricci's Cow Hunt A-J Games
1995 The McKenna Chronicles A-J Games unfinished
1995 Beware the Gremlin A-J Games
1996 Watch Me Die! A-J Games
1996 (Did I Ever Tell You About the Time I was) Taken by a Vampire One Night A-J Games
2010 Overworld Don'Pan unfinished
2011 Builder A-J Games
2012 The Fantastic Adventures of Byron Solomon Ghost Purple in progress
2014 Bubble & Squeak Ghost Purple in progress
2014 PersiaTron Ghost Purple
2016 DOS & Don'ts Ghost Purple in progress


Most games were uploaded as shareware demos onto local Maine bulletin boards; from there they made their way around the BBS circuit and onto occasional shovelware CDs. A half a dozen games were specifically designed for the Game-Maker 3.0 CD, and several more were also included either as shareware or as demo gameware.

Sample versions of Game-Maker 3.0, packaged for BBS distribution, include Peach, Crullo, Zark, and Patchwork Heart as their sole gameware. RSD also produced a demo game incorporating an interactive slideshow (and the bulk of Sheldon Chase's Woman Warrior and the Outer Limits) into the first level of Peach the Lobster. An earlier demo contains A-J's Quest, version 2.0.



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