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Release type: Freeware
Release date: May 21, 1995
Levels: 18
Author: PPP Team
Website: Bilou Homebrew's Blog
Related games: Blork Carnage, Badman II, Badman III

Our eponymous hero is basically a chubby, inept satire of DC’s Batman — or at least that’s how he started off. Badman’s first role was as an incidental enemy in Bilou's Quest (BASIC). Yet after doodling the character for a while, he captured the Martins’ imaginations and rather like Fonzie on Happy Days, he soon became the center of PPP Team’s attentions. Other ties to earlier games include the overall art design and the antagonist Seb Valenti (who served a more nebulous role in Blork Carnage).

The first Badman game is a rough assembly of materials — some borrowed, some original — into a fairly genial Tim Sweeney flavored action platformer (complete with music lifted from Jill of the Jungle). Maybe with a whiff of Mighty Bomb Jack. Notably, Badman avoids feeling like a typical Game-Maker game. The character’s movements are perfectly married to the level design, and both the character and backdrop strive less to show off than to achieve a certain consistency of style and tone.

Each level has its own fairly original theme. Instead of ice and fire worlds, we have blue skies and desert caves, a rooftop stage, a Japan world (where Badman trades his gun for a samurai sword), a Lego dungeon, a haunted castle, a prison camp, and — well, a Peach the Lobster zone. Very little in this game was just slapped together; you get the sense that every tile, every monster placement was agonized over.

The game also borrows a few sounds from Zark, Patchwork Heart, and Jill of the Jungle.

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(Overview) Badman Badman II
Badman series


PPP Team's Badman

P: The Earth is threatened by Seb Valenti... He wants to destroy EVERYTHING!

P: No Problem. What's the number for Bilou?

P: 668171*884

"I am not here at the moment. Please leave your message after the Beep ..."


P: Bilou isn't there!

P: Mario?

A spiky moment in the "Peach the Lobster" zone (officially, the "Field Zone")

P: Too Old!

P: Superman?

P: Retired!

P: Superwoman?

P: Maternity leave, for the next 32 light years.

P: Mickey?

P: Not competent enough!

P: ....


I am the Terror

Who makes Errors

I Am ....




For best results, use the numerical keypad or a joystick

8,7,9: Jump
4,6: Walk
2: Duck
/,-: Fire
P: Surprise!
F2: view status
F3: stop the music
F5: Save
F6: Load
F8: Enable the Joy
F9: Calibrate the Joy.


A new game developed by PPP Team Software.


Piet & Pierrick

Character graphics:

Pierrick & Pypein


Piet & Pierrick


Epic & GM


Piet, GM & Pierrick

Character animation:

Piet & Pypein

Background animation:

Piet & Pierrick

Level design:






Thanks you:

IK and Audrey, for moral support.

Badman is a copyrighted original character from PPP Team.


Prior to this archive's online presence, this game was only available in small-scale distribution amongst the close associates of PPP Team.

Archive history[edit]

Along with several other PPP Team titles, this game was added to the archive on September 24, 2010. It was provided by Sylvain Martin, after contact through his blog and social media -- who in turn was located through a link on cly5m's Game-Maker page.



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