Panzer III

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Panzer III

Release type: Incomplete
Release date: August 2, 1995
Levels: 4
Author: PPP Team
Website: Bilou Homebrew's Blog
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After Panzer 2019, Panzer III takes another sharp turn to the left and switches to an apparently Metal Slug inspired side-scrolling format. As with the third Badman, the game is perhaps overambitious and left unfinished. Whereas with Badman the problem was more of hardware failure and required effort, with Panzer III it’s an unfortunate (and for PPP Team rare) clash of concept against the engine’s limitations.

Basically Panzer III depends on diagonal surfaces that RSD’s engine cannot supply, and no amount of tweaking or fudging can blur those edges. What the game does bring us is our first glimpse of Jack Booster in the driver’s seat, and an appealing flat-shaded cartoon style. Maybe a tank isn’t an ideal character for this design, but it’s a very nice setting. Nice enough for PPP Team to later try to recycle it with a more appropriate character.


To note, there's a neat bonus stage where Jack takes to foot again, and a level set in a biplane. Biplanes are always good.

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Panzer series


Jack Booster has now found himself in a specially equipped hover tank. Rescue the hostages and find your way to the exit.


Tackling the fierce hills in Panzer III

Control with the numerical keypad.

  • 4: Move left
  • 6: Move right
  • 7/Home: Jump left
  • 8: Jump up
  • 9/PgUp: Jump right
  • [/]: Shoot left
  • [-]: Shoot right

The hearts give you hit points; the Jack portraits are 1-Ups.

Keep in mind that you can jump on the palm trees.


Panzer III version shareware

Made by PPP Team Software

Piet - Pierrick - Pypein


Prior to this archive's online presence, this game was only available in small-scale distribution amongst the close associates of PPP Team.

Archive history[edit]

Along with several other PPP Team titles, this game was added to the archive on September 29, 2010. It was located on an FTP archive maintained by Pierre Martin, after contact with his brother Sylvain Martin, through his blog and social media -- who in turn was located through a link on cly5m's Game-Maker page.



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