Advanced Techniques Demo

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Advanced Techniques Demo

Release type: TBA
Latest build date: 2014
Levels: TBA
Author: Alan Caudel
Website: Dummy Duck
Related games: Mine Maker, Sneaky, Rooftop, Timecode, Lighting, Draw, Metals Torm, Man Game RPG, Roll the Dice


Since his return to Game-Maker, Alan Caudel has been back at the sketchpad. Advanced Techniques Demo is a sort of culmination of his early late-era experiments with high-level systemic hackery.

The game bundles together nine earlier concept tests (five Man Game episodes, Draw, Metals Torm, Roll the Dice, and Mine Maker) with a selection interface. Select a concept, and the game introduces the associated game with a generic splash screen and a set of contextual instructions. Some of the games (e.g., Rooftop are a little more polished than in their standalone versions, making Advanced Techniques Demo the more definitive presentation.

Which one will you choose?

The package is, in effect, a sequel to RSD's Tutor; a showcase of potential exploits that a skilled user could employ in a modern-day Game-Maker game. Although Advanced Techniques Demo does not in itself offer guidance or explanation of the new techniques, its menu system and interstitials do suggest the purpose of each demonstration:

Dynamic torchlight in Alan Caudel's Lighting
  • Digging Mines: Mine Maker
    • A Minecraft tribute, using monster buffering to affect background blocks
  • Stealth: Sneaky
    • A Man Game spin-off, using clear character blocks to hide in shadows
  • Grappling Hook: Rooftop
    • Man Game spin-off, using move buffering, character extension, and momentum to simulate a grapple
  • Time Travel: Timecode
    • Man Game spin-off, making strategic use of Game-Maker's Save and Load ability
  • Dynamic Lighting: Lighting
    • Man Game spin-off, using monster birthing and death states to simulate torchlight
  • Draw: Draw
    • Use monster birthing to draw and erase persistent lines
  • Dual-Gravity: Metals Torm
    • A game using momentum to simulate gravity shifting, as in VVVVVV or Metal Storm
  • RPG + Platformer: Man Game RPG
    • Using move buffering and monster chains to simulate active time RPG battles
  • Rolling Dice: Roll the Dice
    • Using counters and other variables to simulate random outcomes to a prompt
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Rooftop Advanced Techniques Demo (Overview)
Man Game series




  • Use arrow keys to select demonstration.
  • Follow prompts for individual controls.
  • At the end of each demonstration, complete the segment or find the exit to return to the menu.


By Alan Caudel


Caudel has released the game in a tentative state, for publication on this Wiki.

Archive Status[edit]

Caudel released the game to the Archive as soon as he reached a comfortable place with the game. Future development is uncertain.