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Game-Maker Demo

Not to be mistaken for RSD's Game-Maker Tutor.

An obscure curiosity, this release is an attempt to demonstrate the properties of Game-Maker by using all of the new features in Game-Maker 3.0. The result is an edited version of Peach the Lobster thoroughly bubble-wrapped with multimedia interludes and fused with elements of Sheldon Chase's Woman Warrior series.

It seems that several versions of this demo existed; smaller distributions chopped out portions of Peach's level structure to make the download easier for slower modems. The full version is exactly the same as Peach, except with altered menus (derived from Tutor's) and a new tutorial corridor. Leap up to learn all about Monster Maker, Integrator, or Block Designer. The learning process may involve any combination of graphical, text, and animation elements; characters and background elements from Peach the Lobster; and anything from a character sprite from to the entirety of one of Sheldon Chase's games.

It further appears that trial distributions of Game-Maker include this demo in place of Peach the Lobster, as well as slightly edited versions of a couple of other games such as Crullo: Adventures of a Donut


Exploring the options in Demo

This demo shows Game-Maker's capabilities in three ways!

First, the entire demo is actually a Game-Maker game. Everything you see or hear is an example of what can be built into a game.

Second, there is a slide show that explains many of Game-Maker's game design tools. To learn about Game-Maker's design tools, move the game character under the name of a tool and jump.


Third, the game Peach the Lobster shows you one of the many styles of games that can be made with Game-Maker. To play PEACH, just move forward.


Peach was created by [Azurelore Korrigan], a Game-Maker owner, the summer before [her] Senior year in high school. The game has about 14 entirely different levels, and was created in about two weeks.

(Some versions of this demo have only a few game levels so that the download time will be short.)


This game is distributed as gameware with several demo incarnations of Game-Maker 3.0 -- including the CD-ROM Today Disc #12 (June 1995).

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