Blork Carnage: The Adventure of Jack Booster

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Blork Carnage: The Adventure of Jack Booster

Release type: Freeware
Release date: May, 1995
Levels: 13
Author: PPP Team
Website: Bilou Homebrew's Blog
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Another PPP action platformer, this one inspired by Apogee games such as Duke Nukem. Indeed, here more than in any of PPP’s other games, the shareware flavor shines through. The way the character moves and animates; the style of level design; the tone to the background graphics and overall presentation — it feels like something you might have downloaded from your local BBS in mid-1993.

Somehow it's also reminiscent of some Sega Master System games, like Quartet and Golvellius.

Blork Carnage is a fairly tough game, with one-hit kills (at the start) and a few nigh-impossible jumps (jumping being an occasional sticking point in PPP’s games). This is one of PPP’s earliest games, and as such it’s fairly simple and straightforward, rather like Biokid. It also is the origin of several background elements and a sort of mascot character that will pop up again and again.

Also significant is just how many of PPP Team's later games are in some way spun off of Jack Booster's adventure here. In a sense, Blork Carnage is the glue holding their library together.


Level 1 of Blork Carnage

January 5

Mr. Jack Boost,

As chairman of the 3rd Continent, I hold you liable for damages caused by your brother.

I quote:

  • Unauthorized reproduction of Blorks.
  • Transformation of their genes.
  • Degradation of the First and Second Continents.
  • Illegal detention [illegible] -tres galactic, aliens and human hostages.

I beg you to return to Earth to bring order here.

S. Valenti


PPP Team's Blork Carnage
  • ESC: Get out
  • F1-F4: Info
  • F5-F8: Load/Save
  • Numerical keypad: Move
  • /*-: Basic weapon
  • A/Z/Q/S: Special weapons
  • P: Buy


PPP Team Software presents:

The Adventure of Jack Boost

Episode 1: Blork Carnage

Development team:

Piet (P. Martin)
Pierrick (P. Hansen)
Pypen (S. Martin)

Jack Boost is an original character copyrighted by PPP Team. Free distribution and use of the game is granted. Production of derivative works without prior consent is forbidden.


Prior to this archive's online presence, this game was only available in small-scale distribution amongst the close associates of PPP Team.

Archive history[edit]

Along with several other PPP Team titles, this game was added to the archive on September 25, 2010. It was provided by Sylvain Martin, after contact through his blog and social media -- who in turn was located through a link on cly5m's Game-Maker page.



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